” Really good program, really good teachers couldn’t ask for a better school. It affected me really good I was so happy and finally I can go to college and get a good job and start my career. don’t think about it just go get it, it will be the best thing you have ever done. ”

” My experience while at the GED program is a great one. I did have a couple of barriers holding me back but the instructors at the GED program encouraged me not to give up. I would highly recommend ODLE to anyone who wants to proceed in getting there education. I’m a proud, single, independent, mother of three boys. Obtaining my G.E.D has not only put a positive view in my life but also in my children’s life. The greatest accomplishments in life do not come without the struggle. GO FOR IT !!!!!!! ”

” My experience in the GED program was good. I got the help I needed and worked at my pace and covered all the subjects with the help of the instructors. Obtaining my GED has affected my life by opening doors to my future and more opportunities to go further in life. It has also affected my life by helping me set goals for myself and accomplishing me. Just do it, get your GED, don’t waste time. A fraction of the year to finish will bring a life time of opportunities and advantages. ”

“Although at first I was a bit unsure that I needed classes, it turned out to be super helpful in boosting my knowledge and confidence on what I would need to successfully pass my GED tests. I can now attend school and get closer to doing what I’ve wanted to do for a long time. I would recommend others to come to this program and see how rewarding it can really be if they give it a chance.” Read More Testimonials

“My experience in the GED program was excellent. Although I struggled with my job and kids while attending the classes, the teachers were very helpful and flexible regarding the schedule. The learning experience was great any time I had a hard time with a lesson or a problem the teachers would sit down and explain the problem one on one.” Read More Testimonials